Antique Turntable Repair

At FYLP, based in Binghamton, NY, we ensure your vintage turntable works just like the day it was first turned on.

Our Passion

Bring Music Back
to your Family

At For Your Listening Pleasure, located in Binghamton, NY, we understand the profound nostalgia and joy that a classic turntable brings to your musical sessions. The rhythms and beats of bygone eras, woven with cherished memories of friends and family.

We specialize in restoring and repairing antique, classic, and vintage turntables. Our dedicated team ensures that each unit is returned to its owner in its original splendor, allowing you to immerse in those cherished moments every time the needle touches the vinyl.

Antique meets Innovation

At FYLP, our technical prowess extends beyond mere traditional techniques. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into our restoration journey. When faced with the challenge of unavailable original components, our expert technicians tap into advanced methodologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, molding, and CAD design. This allows us to meticulously recreate and replace parts in-house, ensuring your radio’s restoration remains true to its original design while benefiting from today’s advanced technological solutions.

Our expertise


  • Half a Century of Experience
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance
  • Personalized Care

Antique Turntable Repair Common Questions

Acoustic Research, ADC, Admiral, Airline, AKAI, Arvin, Audio Industries, Audio King, Bell Sound, B.I.C., Birch, Blaupunkt, Bogen, BSR, Brother, Bulova, Capehart, Columbia, Craig, Diamond, Dual, Dumont, RCA, Technics, and so on…all the way up to Zenith. If they made it, we can repair it!

Most of the time turntables can be repaired with little or no problems at all, however, extreme circumstances can lead to an un-repairable unit. Keep in mind, turntable parts are getting harder to come by, and will only get harder as time goes by. But for now, most every turntable and phonograph can be serviced!

  • Comprehensive bench evaluation of the entire unit
  • Clean all controls and switches
  • Replace or repair any necessary components found to be unsatisfactory
  • Basic removal of dust from chassis
  • Remove and replace all old lubrication to changer mechanics
  • Service motor assembly
  • Replace motor mounts (if applicable)
  • Repair / replace drive idlers or belts
  • Test cartridge for proper output
  • Inspect stylus / needle for wear — clean or replace
  • Check and adjust for proper speed and audio quality
  • Check and replace any bad audio cables
  • Align cartridge using the Stevenson methods
  • 2 days full bench test
  • 30 day warranty on parts and service
  • Detailed invoice documenting all repair work and parts replaced

Ready for restoration?

Reach out to us, and let’s bring the music back to your drive! Feel free to call us at the store during regular business hours or request a scheduled service online today!