Islatrol Plus Active Tracking

Provides continuous sine wave active tracking filtration plus high energy protection from spikes, transients, and noise on the AC power line. Both normal (line to line or line to neutral) and common (line and/or neutral to ground) modes are protected. These units are bi-directional, offer excellent EMI/RFI noise rejection and exceed the lowest UL1449 suppressor clamping categories, 50/60 Hz, single phase. We recommend the use of one of the three models listed below with your antique radio for continued protection from hazardous voltage variants. Protect your radio investment with a surge protector and have the peace of mind that your antique radio is safe.

LRIC+102  – Your Price $177.50
2.5 AMP Rating output. Use for light duty applications 

LRIC+105  – Your Price $240.50
5.0 AMP Rating output. Use for medium duty applications 

LRIC+107  – Your Price $302.50
7.5 AMP Rating output. Use for medium/heavy duty applications  

LRIC+115  – Your Price $420.50
15.0 AMP Rating output. Use for heavy duty applications

Islatrol power line filters offer the original Active Tracking technology to guard against commonly occurring, but very damaging, lower energy transients and offers excellent noise reduction. Islatrol Plus and Islatron combines rugged, high energy current diverters with the Active Tracking Filter to provide protection against the full spectrum of voltage transients and surges.

Line Cord Unit Shown

Series-connected high-frequency noise filter with transient protection. Offers the flexibility of either receptacle/line cord connection or hard-wired connection to critical loads (up to 30 amperes). Applications include industrial or office equipment, computers placed in harsh environments.

  • Typically reduces normal mode transients to
    +/– 2 volts
  • Surge current capacity—45,000 Amps
  • Transient protection in all modes: line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground
  • LED power indication
  • UL 1283, CSA recognized
  • 10-year warranty
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