We now have many parts and kits available to assist you in repairing your antique radio.  All the parts listed here are the same parts that we use daily in our repairs. So you are guaranteed fresh top quality  parts. Use the links below to go directly to a specific part or section.

iPod Connector Cable

Connect your iPod to your German made radio and play all your favorite songs through the warm sounds of your vintage tube radio. 3.5mm to 3 pin DIN.

Colored Cloth Wire

The colored cloth wire comes in a variety of colors. Available by the foot, so you can order as much or as little as you need. Mix and match colors as well. Make your radio safe, replace any bad wiring.

Mains Line Cords

There are 3 types of line cords we offer here. Brown rubber, Brown Cloth and Gold Cloth. The cloth type was used primarily on early radios (1920’s/1930’s), but you can use them on any year radio. All are 6ft in length.


Here you will find many additional items: control cleaner, dial lights, grill cloth and more. Use these items to put the finishing touches on your radio.