Turntable Needles and Stylus

Welcome to our turntable needles page!  It is our hope you find this page to be very friendly and useful in locating a replacement turntable needle for your record player. Use the picture charts of the record needles, and the information request form  to help you identify which turntable needle or stylus you need.

TetradNeedleWe carry thousands of quality needles for just about every make and model of Turntable manufactured. ADC, Aiwa, Astatic, Audio Technica, Audio Empire, BSR, Bang & Olfsen, Dual, E/V,  Garrard, General Electric, Grado, JVC, Kenwood, Magnavox, Panasonic, Pickering, Pioneer, RCA, Ronette, Sansui, Seeburg, Sharp, Sonotone, Technics, Toshiba, Varco, Zenith and the list goes on.

needle2The pictures above and to the side are actual needles, one common mistake people often make is confusing the needle with the cartridge. The actual needle plugs into or clips onto the cartridge that is attached to the tone arm. Also, the record needle may not be just the metal or plastic shaft that touches the record. The white plastic housing in the picture to the right is actually part of the needle assembly. They come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors. 33/45/16 rpm speed generally all use the same tip size, while the 78 rpm speed uses a larger tip size, If you plan on playing 78 rpm records on you turntable you will need to use a needle designed for playing 78 rpm records. If you do not plan on playing 78 rpm records, some turntable needles offer the option of having a LP tip on both sides (only flip over type needles).

Locate your needle

To help you in locating the correct stylus/needle for your unit follow these 3 simple steps below:

  • Use our picture charts to assist you in locating the closest match to your needle. Keep in mind, the brand name of your turntable will not always match the needle. (Example – A Zenith record player may have an Astatic needle installed. This is OK.) These pictures are large to aid you in locating your part a little easier. Please allow ample time for charts to load
  • Gather as much information from your phonograph as possible. Such as: Make, Model, Year, Any numbers on the needle or cartridge, Color of needle, Speeds (33,45,78…)
  • Use our Request form to have us research the price and availability.

To view the Turntable Needle Charts click here.

Steel Needles 

Prices will vary greatly depending upon your type of turntable, Factors such as, cartridge type, age of the unit, number of speeds your unit is capable of playing, and so on…  Higher end models will usually reflect a higher priced needle.
Prices average at $16.95 ea to $34.95 ea.

Don’t hesitate to purchase a spare needle for your phonograph today.
They are fast disappearing due to discontinuation and lack of production.

Tip: Never place a 78 rpm tip needle down on a LP record, risk of permanent damage may occur immediately. 78 and LP (33/45) tip sizes are different.

We work on turntables and phonographs, both new and old. Click here to see what we can do. We have been performing turntable repairs for 35 years now. We have trained technicians coupled with the right parts that make for successful repairs.

Thank you for spending time with us, we appreciate it. We hope that we were able to help you find what you need and look forward to doing business with you. Feel free to email us. While most emails and research are replied to on the same business day, please allow 1-2 working days for a response. Thank you.

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